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Singer & Musician Casper Fonberg was born on March 28th 1996 and grew up in a small town outside the capital of Denmark. Passionate about music and singing, he was always in charge of the entertainment in his early years. Casper kept singing over the following years, but due to self-esteem issues, it got less and less and more and more when he was alone.

2011 changed everything, as a new group of friends at a summer camp convinced him to start taking singing more seriously. The sudden support overwhelmed him and he sought out a singing teacher to help him out. When Casper Fonberg started to write songs in the mid 2000s, it started out by circulating bullying and insecurities, and as Casper grew up, his songwriting started to discuss a lot darker issues.

It was late in those adolescence years, where partying had become a mean to escape reality and eventually had become too often and too hard, where Casper took a step back and started to focus on what he really loved, which was his music. This led to the debut single 'Lost in the Seven Seas', which was released on December 14th 2018 and reached number 8 on the Danish iTunes Top Songs chart.

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